Below is the schedule and information relating to Unit Projects for Academic U.S. History II:

Unit I: Where are We Now? - 1980 to the Present

Focus is on laying the foundation for success in the course with Textbook Reading, Class Notes, Studying Strategies and Test Success. No additional Unit Project

Unit II: U.S. on the Brink of Change - 1890 - 1920

Persuasive letter: Due Friday, March 5th
Oral History I: Thursday, March 5th

Unit III: Good Times, Bad Times - 1920 - 1938

Oral History II

Unit IV: World War II- 1938 - 1945

Book Review
Oral History III

Unit V: Peace, Tranquility & Prosperity - 1945 - 1963

Research paper
Oral History IV

Unit VI: From Camelot to "Crisis" - 1963 - 1980

Oral History V

Final -

Study for Final Exam
Oral History Project Due