Chapter 35:
New Directions - Carter v. Reagan

Changing Economy

Chapter 36:
Troubles Abroad

Reagan's Successes and Failures

Relations with Soviet Union

Problems for "Teflon" President

End of Reagan Years

End of the Cold War

A Dangerous World / First Persian Gulf

Clinton Presidency

George W. Bush Presidency

War on Terror

War in Iraq

Chapter 16:
Railroads and big business

Businesses compete (and also limit competition)

Rock Oil lights up the world

City good for Country Customers (and the retail revolution)

Things by the millions (mass production in late 1800s U.S.)

Labor begins to organize

Chapter 18:
Political parties in the balance

The "Money" Question

Democrats come and go

Interstate Commerce Act 1887

Sherman Antitrust Act

Farmer's Revolt

Granger Laws

Populist Party formed

Gold vs. Silver

Election 1896

Chapter 19:
U.S. Looking outward

Expanding on the Seas

War with Spain

Handling of Far East

Main Idea = To Build Empire or Not

Chapter 20:
Teddy Roosevelt's Square Deal

Middle-class Reformers


Direct Democracy and women's suffrage


Taft in the White House

Elections 1910 & 1912

Woodrow Wilson & New Freedom

Seeking a World Role
Roosevelt Corollary

Dollar Diplomacy

Chapter 21:
Spark ignites Europes

German attacks with U-boat

Trade with Allies

U.S. Goes to War

War on Western Front

Home Front

Fourteen Points

Versailles Treaty

Treaty voted down

Chapter 22:
Postwar reaction and fears

Search for the Good Old Days

Harding Scandals

Coolidge - business v. farms

Life in Jazz Age
Roaring 20s

Roaring factories

Chapter 23:
Economic crash
Stock crash

Economic factors leading to Depression

Hoover reaction

Election 1932

Chapter 24

First 100 Days

Banking and securities

Land and agriculture

Jobs and work relief

Trouble with Supreme Court

Changes to Presidency due to FDR

New Deal - an appraisal

Chapter 25
Problems on Farm

Problems of Black Americans

Harlem Renaissance

New Deal and Women

Struggles of Labor

Chapter 26:
Rise of Hitler

FDR & Neutrality

Relations with Japan

Hitler on march

Battlefield is everywhere

Destroyer deal

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Chapter 27

Racial segregation

Japanese American internment

Early War -
Battle Atlantic

North Africa

Battle in Pacific

Victory in Europe


Victory after Battle Bulge

Failure to take Berlin

War in Pacific
Island Hopping

Atomic Bomb

Cold War

Greek Civil War

Truman Doctrine

Marshall Plan

Berlin Blockade


Red Scare in the U.S.

Korean War

Foreign Relations under Eisenhower / Dulles


Bay of Pigs

Berlin Wall

Cuban Missile Crisis


Nixon Trip to China

Civil Rights
Brown v. Board of eduction

Government intervention Little Rock

Rosa Parks

Nonviolence and Martin Luther King

Civil Rights Laws

Black revolt (790)

New Civil Rights Law & March on Washington (791)

Voting Rights Act

Selma to Montgomery March

Black Power

Growing Frustrations

New Frontier (788)
Debates and Election 1960

Economic growth


Kennedy years: appraisal

Great Society
Medical insurance

Flood of bills

LBJ and administration

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

Military Buildup

Tet Offensive

My Lai Massacre

LBJ loses support

"Vietnamization" of war....

Laos & Cambodia

Unrest at home grows