Below are some of the primary sources for this course:
World War II Sources:
Marines at Tarawa

World War II Propaganda posters

Good Times, Bad Times Sources:
FDR First Fireside Chat

Fourteen Points by Woodrow Wilson

Gilded Age Sources:
Westinghouse Works factory video 1904:

Populist Platform 1892 representing the interests of the people, especially farmers:

John D. Rockefeller on the advantages of trusts:

Frederick Jackson Turner - thesis on loss of the frontier

Principles of the Niagara Movement - led by W.E.B. DuBois

"Cast Down Your Bucket" - Booker T. Washington

Overseas Expansion - Henry Cabot Lodge
Condensed argument - Lodge

1980 - Current

Carter - Crisis of Confidence

All in the Family:
The Brady Bunch:
The Cosby Show:
Leave it to Beaver:
Desperate Housewives:
The Simpsons (2):

Reagan & the AIDS epidemic:

Bin Laden Interview:

Obama State of Union 2010

Election 2000: Florida called for Gore

Election 2000: Florida Too Close to Call

Election 2000: Gore Concession Speech

Reagan / Carter debate:

Julian Assange - WikiLeaks Founder interview